Brendan Rodgers sees Celtic not Favored for any League

Brendan Rodgers reckons there is a reason the people running the league system in England are not in favour of having Celtic in any division as they know the Celts would turn out to be a serious challenger for all the teams.

Rodgers is sure the Manchester City draw that his team achieved did not happen by a fluke or anything and if given chances, his boys in green and white can pull off similar figures against some of other big teams from England as well.

In the Irishman’s words, “You play this team in the English set up and it will not finish any lower than 5th or 6th, but, as far as the Premiership teams are concerned, why would they support the inclusion of one more competitor to the league and a serious competitor for that matter?”

“And don’t forget the resource that’s available to the Premiership teams and not only the Premiership teams, but, the teams playing in the second and the third tiers in England, Celtic doesn’t have such type of resource. Still, it is as good as all those teams, if not better. If it has as much resource, I don’t know what level it reaches.”

Also, hitting out at those who, after a seven goal defeat of the Celts, had been calling for the smaller clubs to be vanished out of Europe and for the continental tournament to be limited only to some certain cash-rich clubs so that it stays interesting from the start to end, Rodgers said, “Look, there is no getting away from criticism after such a massive defeat, but, then you can’t dismiss a club with a history as Celtic has out of Europe. Lesser resources don’t mean we are deprived of our chances.”