Kolo Toure And His Career As Coach And Player

Kolo Toure is known for the defender role that he played for Manchester City as well as being a former defender player for teams like Arsenal and Liverpool. He announced his retirement in the month of September 2017 when he also announced that he was taking up the role of coach for the Celtic team.

Toure, at the age of 36, was handed the position of technical assistant and the club stated that he would be actively engaged in all coaching matters for the first level team. He would use his experience, knowledge, and expertise to assist the youth levels at the club. His appointment with the Celtic team was apparent after he had played 17 times for the team. Hence, his role as a technical assistant would ensure that he works with Brendan Rodgers, his former boss from Anfield. Some had hoped that he would have extended his career in the field. However, in the summer of 2017, he took up coaching with the Ivory Coast national team and since then he has worked with the backroom staff as well as with Rodgers in recent times.

Toure stated on the official website of the club that he was happy to be back and to be associated with this club. This is a new beginning as well as a new chapter in his career; football games might be over for him, but he would concentrate on coaching and pick up the right skills to help the players around him.

Kolo Abib Toure, born on March 1981, is from the Ivory Coast and he started his career with ASEC Mimosas. He also holds the accolade of being the second most capped player of Ivory Coast. He has made several appearances for the club, including seven tournaments of Africa Cup of Nations where he helped the team win different positions and being on the top in 2015.