Manchester City might have to hope for the best in their next match as they will not be having Kolo Toure to perform for them as Kolo will be starting his training session for the FIFA Cup.

The deadlines have been clearly mentioned in the FIFA contract and the Ivory Coast manager is keen on making sure that these deadlines are followed. One of the most important hopes for Manchester City was that Ivory Coast might miss out on the exact deadlines and this might mean that Kolo gets to play for them a little longer.

However, this was seen in quite a resentful manner from the Ivory Coast coach who was ashamed to see that the people of England have such low regard for the people of Ivory Coast.

Both the Toure brothers will be absent for the match and this might be quite a problem for the Manchester City camp. Kolo Toure, being a pivotal player in the club, will be very difficult for the manager to find such a replacement that will perform excellently and in turn manage to help the club in improving their league standing.

The Ivory Coast manager has met Roberto Mancini and Arsene Wenger so that they can discuss and talk out the terms and conditions involved in signing off the players for the preparations of the FIFA Cup. Apart from Kolo Toure, Gervinho of Arsenal fame will also have to be left so that he can go and train for the country.

This has created quite the stir of controversies as each of the club managers is agitated because they lose their key players at such crucial instances. They are still trying all possible ways to convince the FIFA team coaches to allow their players to play the next match so that they can search for a better alternative.