Touré Needs To Be Steady

Kolo Touré has recently been the talking point amongst the Liverpool fans and with him scoring on both ends in the match against Fulham shows how fans can react when you are not doing well. Touré has not been in the best of forms lately and has two own goals next to his name, one with West Bromwich Albion which was an equalizer for West Brom and another was in the thriller against Fulham where he opened the scoring for Fulham in the midweek match.

The game was however won by Liverpool as Steven Gerrard scored the winner from a late penalty. Kolo Touré has been sloppy in his defending and that has hurt Liverpool as the Merseyside now have only 4 clean sheets in their last 21 games. Touré who has been a precious defender for both Arsenal and Manchester City and his transfer to Liverpool was supposed to strengthen the back four which has always been vulnerable in the last few years.

Cissokho who came to Liverpool from Valencia was drawn to the Ivorian mainly because they could speak French and he is backing the defender at this time. He said that there are times when a defender goes through such a stage in his career and it is important for the fans to stand by him during that time.

It is not always possible to keep up the good form throughout the career and so far Touré has been performing well for the team. His last few games have not been up to the mark although Liverpool did manage to win the games crucial games like the one against Arsenal and the one against Fulham where they trailed twice in the match. Cissokho has urged the Liverpool fans to be on Touré’s side now as he is going through a tough time.

He also feels that there are some more important matches coming up and they would try their level best to secure the top four spot in the Premiere League to get a chance to play in the Champions League next season after a long time.